merylyn s. Whited
I am a jewelry designer specializing in thematic art jewelry with background in metalsmithing and enameling. My studio in Coarsegold gives me plenty of room to store all my equipment and still have the atmosphere to be creative in many techniques: cold connection techniques, fusing and soldering; surface texturization with acid etchings, engraving, bezel setting, embossing, repoussé; Basse-taille, champlevé, greisaille and cloisonné enameling.

I was born and raised into one of the local pioneer families that lived in the Mariposa County area now known as the “Ponderosa Basin”. The youngest of five children, I found myself roaming around a thousand acres, trying to find ways to be entertained by learning to put “stuff” together.

Earning an AA degree from Salinger School of Design in San Francisco, then established my own cottage industry making various items for interior designers; BA cum laude from University of California, Berkeley in 1972; Masters Degree in Social Work from University of Houston in 1974; extensive metalsmithing at Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas.

I joined Timberline Gallery in 1994, and served as President from 1998 - 2002. During that time I met and married Zygmund John Zee, a computer specialist and graphic artist who continually encourages me to devote time to my jewelry art work.
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